3 Tips for Choosing a Business Name

3 Tips for Choosing a Business Name

As an entrepreneur, the first assignment on launching your venture is naming your business. A business name is an essential part of the entire life of your investment. A good name can bring profitability and growth within a short period. On the other hand, a bad name can lead to losses or even land you in legal hurdles.

In this essence, you need to take precautions when coming up with a name for your business. While it sounds like an easy task, getting the right name can take you weeks or months. As you know, a delay in naming your business leads to loss of opportunities. Here are three important tips to assist you in choosing a business name faster:

Make sure the name is simple and memorable

Have you ever seen a business offering the best products either online or offline however the next time you try remembering its name you take a century? Probably, you give up on the remembrance course. That’s precisely what will happen to you. Choosing a complicated name that is hard for your prospect’s customers to remember leads to loss of opportunities.

Remember your business name is the first brand. Whether you are selling online or offline, a simple and memorable name will always lead to more sales.

Choose a name that makes you happy to pronounce

The first reason for venturing into business is passion. By definition, passion is something that makes you happy and satisfied. For this reason, your business must make you feel happy when operating it or when mentioning its name. A name that makes you happy to pronounce will always act as a motivator. In this essence, you will feel inspired just by saying it. So, when selecting a business name, ensure that it gives you joy and happiness.

Do enough research before settling on a name

One mistake you can make is deciding on a business name without taking time to research. Take it this way: you wake up one day and decide to start a business by the name Google or Amazon. Obvious these are brand names of existing ventures. Due to ignorance and greedy, you decide you won’t spend the time to look for a name.

In the end, all you need is a name for your business. By taking such an action, the first customers you will receive in your business are the law enforcement officers or lawyers serving you with letters before action. To avoid such occurrences, always take time to research before deciding on a name for your business. 

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