A short list of the best platforms to create a business name

A short list of the best platforms to create a business name

Launching a brand new business is not a smooth sail. You have to invest a lot of energy, time and some money to reach this goal. One of the elements of this process that may seem small and not very relevant is the business name. However, it turns out that the business name has a very important impact on the potential consumers. As a result of that, a good business name can strengthen your business and vice versa. If you want to save some money and speed up things and still get a unique, attractive business name, you should use some of the best platforms to create a business name,


Most of your know Shopify as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, but this platform also works as a name generator. All it takes is a keyword (or a few keywords) and you can start browsing the list of unique business names. Pick your business name carefully because as we already said – it can affect your business in a good or a bad way.

Cool Name Ideas

A lit that doesn’t include Cool Name Ideas is not a relevant list. This is one of the most used platforms for this purpose. Actually, Cool Name Ideas provides three domain name generators used for products, blogs, and businesses. Just add a keyword and choose suitable options/features to get some great business name ideas. The list of suggestions you will get will also show you whether the domain name is registered or available. It is possible to select the length of the preferred business name and the position of the keyword too.


You can tell by the name of this platform what it is all about. This platform provides more than one tool that can help you identify the ideal business name. You can select the number of words you want to appear in your business name even though the platform suggests one or two words. What’s better is that you can choose suggestions in 18 different languages. You can also select the starting letter, the position of the keyword and a few other things that will probably help you get the best result. Similar to other platforms of this kind, you can check the availability of the same domain name.  

Panabee, BrandBucket, Naming, and WordLab are some other good platforms for getting business name ideas.